Over the years many of our Behavioral Interventionists have gone on to bigger and better things. Here are some of the educational programs they have been accepted into:

University of California at Davis- Clinical Psychology PhD Program

UCSD/SDSU's Joint Doctorial Program in Clinical Psychology

St. George University School Of Medicine- Medical School

University of New Mexico, Dept of Education's BCBA Program

Arizona State University, Dept. of Education's BCBA Program

University of New Mexico, Department of Speech and Hearing Program

Eastern New Mexico University, Speech and Hearing Program

University of New Mexico, Dept. of Education's Special Education Program

University of Colorado at Denver, Department of Education' s ASD Certificate Program

Where are they now?

JumpStart Autism Center

Serving Children, Families and the Community

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If you have what it takes to contribute something very special to JumpStart Autism Center (JAC) and to the lives of our families, we want to hear from you! New team members need to be outgoing, energetic, and willing to play with kids. Employment at JAC is less like a job and more like a learning experience that will have a positive affect on you for the rest of your life. You will learn new ways to teach children and adolescents new skills as well as effective ways to manage behaviors. At JAC you will receive coaching and mentoring to hone your intervention skills. JAC is a highly supportive organization that holds high standards for our staff while encouraging them to engage in ongoing learning activities. All JAC staff will need to earn their Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Certificate, of which JAC will provide the needed training and evaluations to help you obtain that certificate. As such, after your intensive training is completed (typically 1.5 to 2 months for part-time employees), you will be asked to participate in monthly staff trainings (usually 1.5 hours per month) that will further hone your knowledge and skills. 

Becoming a behavioral interventionist who earns their RBT certificate is not for everyone, but for those that choose to take on the challenge of learning to implement highly effective ABA interventions, it will be an experience you cherish throughout your life.

JAC requires a one-year commitment from our Behavioral Interventionists (BI). Available positions are listed below. We appreciate your interest in our organization.

Positions Available:

Behavioral Interventionist (BI)

Job Description

Behavioral Interventionist Description of Experience 

Behavioral Interventionist Availability Spreadsheet

New Employee Job Application & References

Qualified applicants should gather and complete the following documents for our review: Resume, Cover Letter, BI Application, and BI Availability Spreadsheet. Submit these documents via email to the attention of Jenna Gallegos, MEd., BCBA, Managing Clinical Supervisor at: info@jumpstartaba.com.

BCBA/BCaBA Supervised Fieldwork Experience

For individuals pursuing certification as Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA), JumpStart Autism Center has a limited number of opportunities for those students to complete their Supervised Independent Fieldwork Experience. We have very high standards for our Supervised Independent Fieldwork Experience applicants, as the nature of the internship requires extensive supervised experience in our clinical setting. If you are interested in receiving supervision, please review JAC's Supervised Independent Fieldwork Experience Overview & Requirements below. If you have additional questions about the internship after reviewing our overview and requirements, please contact us. The number of available internship positions will vary for each application cycle. We will prioritize applicants who are looking to complete their entire supervision experience at JAC and for those committing to longer internships (i.e., 6-months to 1-year internship placements).

Otherwise, please submit an application, resume and three letters of recommendation to Jenna Gallegos, MEd., BCBA, Managing Clinical Supervisor at info@jumpstartaba.com. We will schedule a time for you to visit our facility, and then schedule an interview with our BCBA supervisors. We anticipate having all observations and interviews completed within two weeks of each application deadline. We will notify all internship applicants regarding acceptance into the program as quickly as possible.

Supervised Independent Fieldwork Experience: Overview and Requirements

Supervised Independent Fieldwork Experience: Application

New Employee Job Application & References