At JAC our SLPs and ABA providers work very closely together to address your child's needs. We develop goals based on observable skills as well as what is measured by the VB-MAPP. Working on the same goals allows us to ensure skill acquisition and skill generalization. While SLP and ABA therapy frequently utilize different terms for similar concepts, these interventions are founded on the same principals (e.g., operant conditioning). In addition, both therapies frequenlty work on similar skills, but insurances allow ABA therapy to be more intensive.

Speech Language Therapist's Role in your child's ABA TREATMENT

Speech Language Therapy


JumpStart Autism Center (JAC) offers Speech Language Therapy services to all of our clients who are receiving ABA therapy or who are on our wait list for ABA services. Speech Language Therapy (SLP) is a highly effective complementary service to ABA. SLP services at JAC utilize Verbal Behavior Analysis approaches to teach our clients new communication skills and pragmatic skills. In addition, SLP services can include augmentative communication assessments, articulation therapy, functional communication training, and social skills groups. SLP services are provided in individual, dyad, and group settings.

To start SLP services, JAC will complete an SLP intake assessment and make a request for SLP services to your insurance. Once approval is received from your insurance company, then the services will be arranged to occur at JAC. Many times insurance companies only authorize 8-10 sessions; however, we will submit for additional sessions as needed. The number of sessions your insurance policy allows varies greatly. Therefore, please call your insurance company to find out how many sessions are allowed per year and if there are any lifetime caps.

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