JAC’s Full-Day ABA Program will allow us to develop a broad range of interventions to significantly alter your son’s/daughter’s developmental trajectory and have a substantial impact on the core deficits of ASD. ​There has never been an autism treatment program like our Full-Day ABA Program in New Mexico. JAC’s Full-Day ABA Program (also known as a Comprehensive Treatment Model for individuals with ASD) will be consistent with the National Academy of Science Committee on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism established standards. JAC’s Comprehensive Treatment Model (CTM) will be founded on an Applied Behavioral Analysis and Verbal Behavior framework.

We will use of the VB-MAPP to measure progress and to guide developmentally appropriate goals. JAC’s Verbal Behavior Curriculum will direct each client’s ABA Program. Clients enrolled in the program will participate in 30-40 hours of center-based intervention a week, and we intend on maintaining this high level of intensive treatment for 1-2 years as appropriate for your child. ABA services will be provided on an individual and small group basis, which will be determined by your child’s treatment plan.


This program has been developed for JAC clients who are enrolled in half-day schools within the public school system or those clients who have reduced their participation in the public school system. Like the Full-Day ABA Program, the Half-Day Program will develop a broad range of interventions aimed at altering your child’s developmental trajectory and ASD symptoms. The Half-Day ABA program will utilize JAC’s comprehensive Treatment Model and will allow target goals across most areas of development (e.g., cognitive, social, communicative, emotional, play, adaptive functioning, pre-academics, and challenging behaviors). Similar to the Full-Day Program, the Half-Day Program will meet National Standards and utilize the core features of JAC’s Comprehensive Treatment Model. The Half-Day ABA Program will utilize the VB-MAPP and JAC’s Verbal Behavior Curriculum to direct developmentally appropriate goals and interventions. We will target 20-30 hours per week of center-based and home-based interventions in the Half-Day Program. This program is intended to be implemented over a 1-2 years period depending on your child’s specific goals. ABA services will be provided on an individual and small group basis. 


JAC’s Focused Interventions are the services we have offered since moving to the center in January 2013. Our Focused Interventions employ evidence-based interventions that are founded on ABA, and target a select number of specific goals. These goals will primarily focus on increasing specific developmental skills and reducing specific challenging behaviors that interfere with learning. We will continue to use the VB-MAPP to identify goals and use JAC’s VB/ABA curricula that you have come to know and love. JAC’s Focused Interventions will range from 8-20 hours per week Mon-Sat, and ABA services will be provided at JAC and in the home. As usual, our Focused Interventions will be of the highest quality and will be offered between 8:00AM and 7:00PM M-F and between 9-4 on Saturdays. 

JAC uses the Verbal Behavior-Milestones Assessment Placement Program (VB-MAPP) to guide the development of your child's ABA programs and treatment plans.

By using the VB-MAPP, we are able to track your child's progress across many developmental skill areas. We complete treatment assessments at the start of ABA services and on a six month basis. 

When consulting with school districts (or attending IEPs for our clients) we will utilize the information from the VB-MAPP to help inform and update your child's educational team. The VB-MAPP can be a useful tool to help your child's IEP team develop objectives and measureable IEP goals.

assessing your child's progress

Jumpstart Autism Center's Autism Treatment and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

There are a lot of ideas and perceptions about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), but at its core ABA examines the relationship between the behavior and an individual's environment. After collecting this data, ABA then systematically applies interventions to modify the environment in order to change an individual's behavior. ABA is based on the research and principles of learning theory (e.g., operant conditioning). ABA's primary goal is to improve socially significant behaviors (e.g., communication, social skills, play skills, adaptive living skills, motor skills, sensory processing difficulties, and toileting). In addition, we have extensive data collection procedures that allow to make data based clinical decisions and allow us to determine if our interventions are having the desired affect.

No two individuals have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why our behavior analysts develop and track individual treatment plans for every child. Your child's ABA treatment plan at JAC will consist of individualized instruction, instruction in dyads, and small-group work in a way that works for your child.

JumpStart Autism Center

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JUmpStart's ABA Services


The ABA services your child receives at JumpStart Autism Center will be consistent with national standards and delivered by highly trained interventionists. We believe all children have the power and ability to learn, are curious and creative, and can succeed when the environment is modified to meet their needs.

JAC specializes in Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions (EIBI) and ABA therapy. We utilize the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) and/or the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning-Revised (ABLLS-R) to guide and monitor each child's treatment plan. We provide ABA services at our clinic, in the family's home, and in the community.

JAC offers three levels of ABA programs. All of our treatment programs will employ JAC’s curricula that is based on Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior Analysis principles. The programs will primarily differ in intensity of service (i.e., frequency and duration) and the number of targeted goals we can address. JAC offers a Full-Day ABA Program (30-40 hrs/wk), a Half-Day ABA Program (20-30hrs/wk), and a Focused ABA Program (8-20hrs/wk). ​​