Autism is a very complex neurodevelopmental disability that not only affects the indivdual but their entire family. JAC was established to support families that have been touched by ASD. We are here to support all family members through the good times and difficult times.

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JumpStart Autism Center

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JumpStart Autism Center's services


JumpStart Autism Center's staff are united in their belief that all children:


  • Have the power and ability to learn,

  • Want to communicate and socialize with others, but their autism symptoms are impeding them,

  • Can succeed when the environment is modified to meet their needs,

  • Children have learned specific behavioral habits that allow them to meet their needs. These habits frequently result in challenging behaviors, but new habits can be taught to reduce challenging behaviors.

JAC's ABA services are developmentally appropriate and have been proven effective for teaching children new skills while reducing problem behaviors (e.g., repetitive behaviors, self-injurious behaviors, and feeding difficulties. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of services to your child and your family.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive services, which remain consistent with the national standards of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) treatment. At JAC, ABA therapy is coordinated with the principles of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (e.g., the Denver Model). Our home-, center-, and classroom-based ABA therapy allows our clients, ages 1 - 12, a range of specific and contextually appropriate learning opportunities to demonstrate skill acquisition across environments. Attention to current research, evidence-based practices, and precise data collection keeps our staff at the forefront of autism services in New Mexico and ensures your child is making progress.